Who is a young carer ?

A young carer is under 18 years old or has reached the age of 18 years and remains a pupil at school. They take responsibility for the care of family members or friends who need help due to help to illness, drug or alcohol misuse or disability.

Young Carers Statement

A Young Carers Statement (YCS) can be completed for any young person under 18 years old or over 18 but still at school.
The young carers statement is completed by having a conversation with your head teacher (primary) or pastoral staff (secondary), or social worker. You can bring along an adult you feel comfortable talking to, so that everyone understands if it is appropriate for you to care for someone else.

The young carers statement will identify your individual outcomes and what matters to you as a person such as:

  • Details about the person you care for and support you provide

  • The impact caring has on your health and well being

  • The extent that you are able and willing to provide care

  • The nature and extent of the care provided is appropriate

  • Any support which is needed, either for you or the person you care for

  • What would help in the future if you were no longer able or willing to care.

You can ask the following for a young carers statement:

  • Your head teacher (primary school) or pastoral staff (secondary school)

  • North Ayrshire Carers Centre

North Ayrshire Carers Centre

The centre offers support with the following:

  • Information on any carers issues e.g. benefits, respite and transport

  • Advice on carers rights

  • Contact with other carers

  • Help with form-filling

  • Advocacy representing carers

  • 1:1 support

  • Outreach

  • Training

  • Information on young carers assessments

  • Support groups

For more information, advice and support contact North Ayrshire Carers Centre, 174 High Street Irvine KA12