What are my self-directed support choices?

There are four methods that you can choose from to help you plan, pay for and manage your support. A professional will help you choose a support plan and agree your individual budget. You will be financially assessed and may need to contribute towards your support. Self-directed Support will not affect any benefits that you receive.

The support plan options are:

Direct payment:

You can use the budget provided to arrange and manage your own support. You can do this through a personal assistant or provider agency.

Individual service fund:

We will arrange your preferred method of support for you. You and your chosen provider will work together to agree how to deliver your care.

Arranged service:

We will choose, arrange and manage the support that is best for you.

Mixture of all three options:

A combination of the above three options can be chosen. For example: a personal assistant to help with washing and dressing (direct payment) and attend daycare for social interaction and being part of your community (arranged services).