Learning Disabilities Strategic Plan 2017-2019

We launched our plan for learning disability services in 2017.

This plan talks about lots of things that need to change, to make sure people with learning disabilities live well and are included in all North Ayrshire communities.

The plan has six priority areas:

  • Developing service user engagement and involvement processes
  • Redesigning user-focused services
  • Developing Commissioning Plan & framework agreement for Learning Disabilities
  • Developing more opportunities in learning, skills and employment
  • Using changes to Property & Facilities to reshape local services
  • Developing our staff to support service users at the right time and in the right way

You can see the strategic plan here.

When we launched the strategic plan, we asked people to tell us what they thought about it, and what they thought the main issues for people were.

Since the plan was launched we have done lots of work.  We have been looking at how we can better support people to be independent at night, where possible.  We have also looked at how people are assessed for and allocated respite services.  But there is lots of work still to do!

We will keep this page updated with news about the changes we are making to learning disability services.

Contact us

If you’d like more information about North Ayrshire’s Learning Disability Strategic Plan, please contact Learning Disability Development Manager, Dominic Jarrett at dominic.jarrett@aapct.scot.nhs.uk