What will happen after I make my adult support and protection referral?

Adult Support and Protection (ASP) legislation requires that at all times the adult’s wishes should be central to the process and that any action taken must be ‘least restrictive’ and must benefit the adult.

ASP inquiry

As the referrer, you should receive an acknowledgement that your referral has been received.

In North Ayrshire, all ASP referrals receive an ASP inquiry. This usually involves someone from social work making some initial inquiries into the person’s circumstances to determine what would be the most appropriate and helpful course of action.

ASP investigation

If the case is taken forward under ASP – the ASP investigation would include a formal ASP interview with the adult.  Adults will be made aware that they do not have to answer any questions which the social worker asks, but it will be explained that there is a concern regarding their welfare and the questions being asked are to try to find out whether they are being harmed, so that action can be taken to support and protect them.

The social worker may recommend proceeding to a formal multi-agency case conference.

ASP case conference

The adult is almost always invited to attend the ASP case conference (unless it would be detrimental to them) with any of their supporters. The adult can also have an advocate with them if they wish.

Anyone who could support and protect the adult will be invited. This could involve professionals including their GP, social work, health, housing, Police Scotland, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, voluntary sector etc.

All the circumstances in relation to the Adult at Risk of Harm will be reviewed. The adult will be asked for their perspective and what they want to happen. All present will agree what the next steps should be.

There are three Protection Orders that can be applied for (at Court). The most common is a Banning Order. This keeps anyone harming an adult from coming into contact with them.

After ASP case conference

The purpose of the ASP process is to reduce the risk of harm to the adult and as soon as possible ‘remove’ the adult from being under the auspices of ASP legislation. While under ASP there will usually be three monthly review cases conferences.