Abuse in the home

Abuse in the home is persistent and controlling behaviour by a partner or ex-partner, family member or sibling that causes physical, sexual and/or emotional harm. There may be no bruises. It often gets worse over time.

  • Abuse in the home can include:

  • Withholding money, monitoring your movements, restricting what you wear, who you see, where you go, what you say (online and off)

  • Manipulating or forcing someone to do something sexual that they don’t want to do

  • Physical violence

  • Stalking and isolating you from your friends and family

  • Abuse in the home can:

  • Happen if you are living with someone or living alone

  • Happen whether you have children or not

  • Cut across gender, ethnic and social boundaries

  • Undermine self-confidence and self-esteem

If you feel threatened, fearful or undermined by a partner or ex-partner, family member or sibling, please find sources of help below.


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