Partnership vision, values and principles

Our vision is that: all people who live in North Ayrshire are able to have a safe, healthy and active life.

We focus on our strategic priorities to help us reach our vision:

  • tackling inequalities

  • engaging communities

  • bringing services together

  • prevention and early intervention

  • improving mental health and wellbeing

We hope you experience our values in the way we engage with you and how we behave.

We will:

  • Put you at the centre (be person-centred)

  • Treat you with respect

  • Care for you

  • Be inclusive

  • Embody honesty and openness

  • Demonstrate efficiency

  • Encourage innovation

If you don’t experience these values in your interactions with us, please tell us:

Telling us will help us to be better!

We will ensure that each service we provide:

  • Is as seamless, straightforward and easy to navigate as possible

  • Takes account of people’s needs

  • Takes account of people’s characteristics and circumstances

  • Respects people’s rights

  • Respects people’s dignity

  • Takes account of people’s participation in the community they live

  • Protects and improves people’s safety

  • Uses a continuous improvement approach to improve the quality of service

  • Is planned and led in a way that engages with the community

  • Best anticipates need

  • Helps to prevent need arising

  • Makes best use of the available facilities, people’s abilities and resources