North Ayrshire Alcohol and Drug Partnership (ADP)

The ADP was established to bring together key agencies and stakeholders to work together to tackle the harmful effects of alcohol and drugs in our community.

The ADP is responsible for the commissioning of services based on evidence and local need and to provide recovery and treatment focused interventions to meet the needs of people across North Ayrshire.  The ADP also link with national and local organisations to coordinate prevention and education initiatives to the wider community.

The principal responsibilities of the ADP are to:

  • Evidence quality and recovery outcomes in the provision of care, treatment and recovery services
  • Ensure the Quality Principles: Standard Expectations of Care and Support in Drug and Alcohol Services are embedded in ADP services
  • Report on ADP performance to the IJB
  • Undertake a clear assessment of local needs and circumstances, including both met and unmet needs
  • Provide an outline of services, reflecting the local assessment of need
  • Plan workforce development that ensures the workforce is equipped to deliver the current and future service needs
  • Use an evidence-based approach to achieve ADP national outcomes, and national and local priorities
  • Develop service user, carer, families and community involvement as required
  • Deliver services that will contribute to achieving the ADP key aim statement
  • Reflect the Alcohol and Drug Quality Improvement Framework:
    • a shift towards prevention
    • greater integration of public services at a local level driven by better partnership, collaboration and effective local delivery
    • greater investment in the people who deliver services through enhanced workforce development and effective leadership
    • a focus on improving performance, through greater transparency and innovation

North Ayrshire ADP reports to North Ayrshire Health & Social Care Partnership Integration Joint Board, which in turn reports to North Ayrshire Community Planning Partnership (CPP).

A new five-year strategy will be presented to the Scottish Government – and delivery plan put in place – by April 1, 2020. A report will be produced annually detailing outcomes delivered.

Everybody Matters: Preventing Drug-Related Deaths: A framework for Ayrshire & Arran 2018-21A&A drug death prevention framework

Contact us

  • To find out how we can help, please call 01294 310632
  • Follow us on Twitter @NorthAADP
  • North Ayrshire ADP, North Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership, Cunninghame House, Irvine KA12 8EE