Working together for the future

We hope by working together with you we can help to build vibrant, resourceful communities, where people feel supported by their family, neighbours and local services. We want to:

  • Make sure that everything we do in health and social care is guided by you
  • Build new relationships to take a fresh approach to health and social care for local people
  • Work with you to tackle some of the inequalities experienced in North Ayrshire
  • Improve the health outcomes of local people

Communities are at the heart of our decision making – we want your involvement! 

Locality planning forums – engaging in local communities

North Ayrshire is home to over 136,000 people. People in different local communities experience life differently, with a wide range of contrasting health and social care needs and outcomes for local people.

North Ayrshire’s health and social care locality planning forums tell us about what’s important in each locality:

The locality planning forums are community representatives and people who work in health and social careThe forum members talk to local people about health and social care issues and priorities. They use local knowledge of what works and what can be improved, and to understand what people need and want. They make recommendations for improvements to local health and social care services.

The forums work closely with North Ayrshire Community Planning Partnership (CPP) locality partnerships.

You can read the Terms of Reference for our Locality Planning Forums here.

To share your views with us, or be more involved in decision making, email us

We would love to hear from you!

Using your feedback

On June 6 2017, we asked approx 2500 local people, ‘What matters to you about health and social care in North Ayrshire?’ Click to read What Matters To You? 2017 report plus all the feedback we received. 

We published our new strategic plan Let’s deliver care together – our health and social care plan for local services 2018-2021. Click to read You said, we did (and we didn’t) all the feedback we received during our strategic plan consultation. It explains where we were able to use feedback and if we couldn’t incorporate the feedback, we outline the reasons why.

On June 6 2018, our staff asked people who use services, ‘What matter to you?’ Click to read What Matters to You? 2018 impact report, including the changes we made to services to improve people’s experiences. Watch ‘What Matters to You?’ starring our Dirrans Centre team.