Day services

Our learning disability services promote health, wellbeing and daily living skills. This helps adults from North Ayrshire with a learning disability to develop confidence and promotes independence.

Our day services are based at Fergushill, Kilwinning and Hazeldene, Kilwinning.

We run programmes such as:

  • Media Group provides training and experience in IT, computing and aspects of desktop publishing. They design and print leaflets, posters, cards and newsletters.

  • Sparkly Crafts provides craft skills to suit each individual’s preferences and ability.

  • Employment services works to provide work opportunities or volunteer placements in the community. This enables people to meet their personal outcomes.

  • Lunch to Go is a social enterprise that provides work opportunities to gain domestic science and food preparation skills. People are supported with the food and hygiene award (REHIS) and the skills can be transfer to catering environments.

A wide range of activities is available to meet individual needs of service users with mild/moderate to high support needs, such as:

  • Music and drama group provides a vehicle for self expression, confidence building, encouragement of team work and turn taking. The finale is an annual performance for families and friends.

  • Potted sports encourages physical movement, hand/eye coordination, numeracy, turn taking and a sense of achievement.

  • Photography group visits places of interest, creates visual displays and talking points.

  • Sensory room activities include relaxation/stimulation in a multi-sensory environment. To encourage and develop the use of the senses through smell, taste, touch etc.


This is a referral service. Referrals can be made by a health and social care professional.

What happens next?

After referral, we will work with you to assess your needs and wishes. We will use this information to create your support plan. The plan will help you work towards goals and promote your recovery. You may then receive support from a service arranged by us.

Will I be charged?

There may be a charge for support services. Your care manager will discuss this with you. We always take your ability to pay into account.

You may be eligible for self-directed support. This gives you a range of options, including receiving a direct payment, to enable you to buy support services of your choice.

For Carers

If you care for someone with a learning disability you can complete an Adult Carer Support Plan or a Young Carers Statement. These give you the opportunity to identify your needs and any support you may require, to continue providing care.

Advocacy services

The support of an independent advocate can help you to express your opinions or wishes. We can provide information about advocacy services

Contact Us

  • To find out how we can help, please call 01294 476000
  • Learning Disability Services, North Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership, Caley Court Resource Centre, Moorpark Road West, Stevenson KA20 3HU