Complaints, compliments and comments

Feedback helps us to shape our service to your needs.

You can comment, make a complaint, or pass on compliments about North Ayrshire Integration Joint Board policies, decisions or decision-making process, or North Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership by:

We have a two-stage complaints procedure: Front-line resolution (stage 1) and Investigation (stage 2). If it is clear that your feedback will need a detailed investigation, we will tell you and keep you updated on our progress.

Stage 1: Front-line resolution

Health and social care staff in our offices are able to help with comments, complaints and suggestions. We will try to resolve your complaint quickly, within 5 working days, if we can. If you are unhappy with our response, you can ask us to consider your complaint at stage 2.

Stage 2: Investigation

We will investigate your complaint if:

  • You are unhappy with our response at stage 1
  • You refuse to co-operate with stage 1
  • The issue you raise is complex and needs detailed investigation
  • Your complaint has been identified as serious, high risk or high profile

We may look at your complaint immediately at Stage 2, if it is complex or need detailed investigation. We will acknowledge your stage 2 complaint within 3 working days. We will give you our decision as soon as possible. We will take no more than 20 working days, unless there are exceptional reasons and we need more time.

Scottish Public Services Ombudsman (SPSO)

If, after receiving our final decision, you remain unhappy with our decision, or the way we handled the complaint, you can ask the SPSO to consider it. We’ll tell you how to do this when we send you our final decision.

Scottish Public Services Ombudsman requires that we publish:

Care Inspectorate

If you have a specific comment, complaint or suggestion about health and social care services, you can send it to Care Inspectorate (0345 600 9527)