Residential care and nursing care

We want you to remain in your own home for as long as possible, supported by family, friends and your local community. This is better for your mental and physical health. However, staying in your own home may not be possible, due to ill health, a disability or frailty. Being cared for by someone else, in a homely setting, is an alternative.

  • Residential care home – trained health and social care staff provide a safe place for you, if you need 24hr personal care.
  • Nursing care home – qualified health and social care nursing staff provide intensive health care.

Which care home will I live in?

  • If you are able to pay for all of your residential or nursing care, you can apply to a care home of your choice. Care Inspectorate has a search facility of registered care homes in Scotland.
  • If you are eligible for funding by local authority, we will suggest a residential or nursing care home as close to your family and community as possible. We will try to give you choice.

What happens next?

If you think you, or someone you care for, may need residential or nursing care, contact your local Health and Social Care Partnership office. Your health and social care needs and your financial situation will be assessed.

Needs assessment

  • We will assess you to understand how we can better support you and your carer in at home
  • We will explore all suitable options, including more Care at Home visits, a period of reablement, additional respite, or moving to sheltered housing
  • If the assessment confirms that you need residential or nursing care you must undergo a financial assessment

Financial assessment

Respite care

If you are cared for at home by family or friend, they are your carer. Your carer takes responsibility for your care. Respite is provided to give your carer a break from their caring responsibility.

  • You will be cared for by trained health and social care staff in a safe, suitable environment, for a few days or weeks
  • We provide residential, nursing, learning disability and dementia respite, depending on your need
  • We will work with you and your carer to complete an assessment of your needs