Paying for care

Some people who receive health and social care services in the community will pay the full charge, others will get financial assistance from North Ayrshire Council. The amount you pay depends on your financial circumstances.

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We will carry out a financial assessment to work out how much you will have to pay.

These documents outline the key features and processes of our charging policy:

Financial assessment and action plan

Contact your local Health and Social Care Partnership offices to request an assessment (Supported Self Assessment Questionnaire). We will meet with you, and anyone you choose for support, to complete the assessment.

The information from your assessment is used to make your action plan. This shows:

  • How much care and support will be given
  • When this will take place
  • Who’ll provide this and for how long
  • Any care needs that can’t be met
  • What the services will cost

Anyone involved in your care will have access to your action plan to ensure continuity of care. It will be reviewed regularly to make sure that your package of care meets your needs.