Referrals can be made by:

  • You
  • Your relatives or carers
  • Health and social care professionals
  • Education professionals
  • The court system
  • Voluntary organisations

We screen referrals and respond to any urgent concerns received about the welfare of vulnerable people. We may decide to:

  • Make a home visit
  • Take immediate action to protect a vulnerable adult or child, for example, removing them to a safe environment
  • Refer the person for further assessment


We consider how critical your needs are by applying criteria:

  • Critical = risk of major harm/danger to a person or risk to independence
  • Substantial = risk of significant impairment to the health and wellbeing, or significant risk to independence
  • Moderate = risk of some impairment to the health and wellbeing of a person, or some risk to independence
  • Low = low risk to independence, health and wellbeing

These measures of the risk to your health, wellbeing and independence (as posed by your current circumstances) are used to find out if your needs justify immediate action or the involvement of another team.

Unfortunately we don’t have enough resources to help everyone. If you fall into the low or moderate categories, we’ll advise on other forms of assistance.