Children of the Ghillie Dhu Foster Group have been spreading some kidness during the Coronavirus pandemic by sending out messages of hope and a ‘wee hug’ to isolated North Ayrshire residents.

North Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership’s Fostering Team has linked up with local charity CLASP, which is currently running a helpline for vulnerable people in local communities – supporting around 100 local people on a regular basis.

The children have been busy making cards, including a wonderful poem called ‘A Wee Ghillie Dhu Hug’, which are being distributed by CLASP. The aim is to let those who are isolated know that they have not been forgotten about during these difficult times.

Councillor Robert Foster, Cabinet Member for Health and Social Care, said: “Children of the Ghillie Dhu group are always taught about the importance of kindness, and activities such as this one can help the young people to understand and show empathy and care towards others.

“Things have been particularly difficult for many of our more vulnerable or isolated residents since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, and we hope that these messages of support provide some comfort to those who are struggling at the moment.

“A huge thank you to all of the families, young people and staff for their hard work in making these cards We’d also like to thank CLASP for allowing the children to be involved in such a worthwhile project.”

Foster care provides care for children, in a family setting, who cannot live with their own families. There are many reasons why children come into care. Foster care can last weeks, months or for the rest of a childhood, depending on circumstances.

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