Health and social care services are changing

Why? More people than ever need our services; demand is likely to keep increasing. We have less money than we need to meet the ever growing demand.

How? We will work differently; we will be more innovative. We will provide safe and effective services for less money. We want to work together with you to build communities that are vibrant, resourceful and are places where people feel supported by their family, neighbours and local services.

Our draft plan for changing health and social care services

What is it? Our new draft plan outlines our pledges and actions for 2018-2021. The draft pledges and actions were informed by views from some of our staff, some of our stakeholders and some of North Ayrshire public.

You can help us. Tell us your views. We want as many local people as possible to feedback their thoughts about our plans for future health and social care services in North Ayrshire.

Here’s the link to the draft plan.

Here’s the link to some questions. We’re keen to hear what you think.

This public consultation will remain open until 12 February 2018.

We will publish our new plan 1 April 2018.